Lina Ghotmeh — Architecture is determined for a fair and sustainable future. The practice draws an in-depthly historical and materially sensitive approach to Architecture. Each of the practice’s projects is the opportunity for a thorough historical research leading onto exquisite interventions that would transport one’s memories and senses.

Lina Ghotmeh — Architecture is a critically acclaimed, international firm of architects, designers, and researchers based in Paris, with a multi-disciplinary approach. The firm was established by French-Lebanese architect Lina Ghotmeh. Lina Ghotmeh is emerging as one of the industry’s leading international practitioners, having recently completed a number of award-winning projects, including the Estonian National Museum (Grand Prix Afex 2016, nominee of the Mies Van Der Rohe Award 2017). 

Her designs, infused with innovation and poetics, reveal her transversal and multidisciplinary approach to her discipline. Colored by the warscapes of Beirut, her birthplace, Lina Ghotmeh, with her team, works with a rigorously historical and materially sensitive approach to Architecture. Each of the firm’s projects develops from thorough historical research into an exquisite intervention that enlivens your memory and your senses. This is an «Archeology of the Future» where every new gesture is drawn from the traces of the past.

Lina Ghotmeh — Architecture design ecologically and sustainably: the projects derive their aesthetics from their close relationship with nature and express the essence of the materials from which they are fashioned. The firm’s upcoming projects include an enviornmentally conscious 14-storey wooden tower in Paris named Réalimenter Masséna – winner of Reinventer Paris, a call for projects with an innovative urban vision – Stone Garden Art Foundation and green housing tower in Beirut, and interior renovation of Palais de Tokyo’s restaurants in Paris. 

Lina Ghotmeh herself was selected by the European Architects Review as one of 10 « Visionary Architects for a New Decade » in 2010. In addition she has won further awards including the Ajap Prize of the French Ministry of Culture in 2008, and the Prix Dejean of the French Academy of Architecture in 2016. She is actively involved in the academic world and has taught and lectured in schools and institutions across the world, including Ecole Spéciale d'Archirecture, Columbia University, The Royal College of Arts, and Parsons School, to name but a few.

Lina Ghotmeh, a humanist architect


If we had to choose one word to describe Lina Ghotmeh’s personality and vision it would have to be: Humanist.

Born in Beirut in 1980’s, Lina Ghotmeh grew up in this ancient cosmopolitan city marked by the scars of the Lebanese civil war. Although she wanted to become an archaeologist, Lina carried out her architectural studies at the American University of Beirut, where she looked at the notions of memory, space and landscape through her own methodology entitled « Archeology of the future ». After graduating and being awarded both the AZAR and AREEN prizes. Lina pursues her education at the École Spéciale d’Architecture in Paris where she takes on a teaching role as an Associate Professor between 2008 and 2015.

In 2005, while working in London and collaborating with Ateliers Jean Nouvel and Foster & Partners, she wins the international competition for the design of the National Estonian Museum. After this victory, she co-founded her first agency DGT Architects in Paris and lead the realization of the large scale project of the National Museum. Acclaimed unanimously by the international press and having won prestigious awards (Grand prix AFEX 2016; nominated for the Mies Van der Rohe Award 2017), the museum became the symbol for an avant-guardist architecture, combining pertinence and subtlety.

All of Lina Ghotmeh’s proposals are testimonies to her visionary approach and sensible twist on architecture – notably in projects like: Réalimenter Masséna (laureate of the competition « Réinventer Paris ») or even the development of Stone Garden in Beirut.

Thanks to her multicultural experiences but also her engagement in the challenges of our time, she is regularly invited to speak at conferences, take part in juries and workshops in France and abroad.

Brilliant in the complex simplicity of her approach, Lina Ghotmeh’s practice represents the promising forms of tomorrow’s Architecture.

She has been honored by multiple prizes including the AJAP prize in 2008 and the DEJEAN prize by the Architecture Academy in 2016.


by Christine Blanchet, Journalist, Art historian


Photo © Hannah Assouline

Architecture, Archaeology, Atmosphere, Art, a multiple "A", open for different disciplines and scales, draw the dynamics of Lina Ghotmeh — Architecture.
Along with our growing team of talented international architects and our partners, consultants, our practice is more than ever in quest for a fair and ecological future. Convinced that "beauty" is a necessity, our architecture is the result of permanent dialogs, where projects derive their aesthetics and shape from their close relationship to nature becoming the very expression of the context and material out of which they are carved.

Amanda Compaoré Coordination & Development

Amanda Compaoré is French, she joined Lina Ghotmeh – Architecture in July 2017 after 11 years of collaboration with Nomades Architects.

Odilia Itoua Assistan Manager

Odilia is French and Congolese. She is currently studying Management and has joined LG — A’s team in the context of a study contract as Assistant Manager.

Anna Checchi Architect HMONP

Anna Checchi is from Italy and graduated from the University of Architecture "Aldo Rossi" in Bologna. She worked for Atelier 37.2 before joining Lina Ghotmeh — A.'s team in 2016.

Caterina Cicognani Architect HMONP

Caterina Cicognani is fom Italy. She graduated from the University of Architecture "Aldo Rossi" in Bologna. She worked at Shigeru Ban's Office and Matteo Cainer Architect before joining Lina Ghotmeh — A.

Alessandro Colli Architect HMNOP

Alessandro is from Italy, he studied at Politecnico in Milan and ETSA Madrid and graduated in 2008. Before joining Lina Ghotmeh Architecture he participated in research projects in Italy and USA and worked at AnotherArchitect in Berlin and at Standardarchitecture and studio O in Beijing.

Federico Mannino Architect HMNOP

Federico Mannino is Italian, graduated from the University of Alghero. He worked for HMA in Brazil and in Italy before joining Lina Ghotmeh — A.'s team.

Augusto Garcia Design & Communication

Augusto is Mexican and French. He studied Graphic Design at LTAA Auguste Renoir in Paris and at ESAA la Martinière Diderot in Lyon with a Print specialty. Before joining LG — A he worked as a freelance designer and collaborated with the German studio Unfun.

Ambra Chiesa DEA Architect

Ambra is italian. She studied at Politecnico in Milan and UAL in Lisbon. Before joining Lina Ghotmeh she worked in Copenhagen at BIG and in London for William Matthews Associates.

Johanna Mattsson DEA Architect

Graduated from Paris-Malaquais Architecture School, Johanna is French and also studied in Japan, at Kyoto Seika University. She collaborated with Sou Fujimoto Architectes and Rotunno Justman Architectes before joining the office of Lina Ghotmeh — A.

Silvia Maciel HMONP Architecte

Silvia is a French-Brasilian architect and urbanist graduated from the Architecture School of the Federal University of Minas Gerais and has master’s in history of modern and contemporary Art and Architecture of Université Paris 1 – Panthéon Sorbonne. She worked for 15 years in Parisian practices before joining Lina Ghotmeh — A.

Luca Muratorio HMONP Architect

Luca is italian. He gratuated from ENSA Paris Malaquais and the Facoltà di Architettura Genova. Before joining LG — Ahe has collaborated with Ateliers Jean Nouvel, Chartier Corbasson, Périphériques, Beckmann N’thèpe and Architectures Anne Démians

Arthur Gaudenz DEA Architect

Arthur is a French architect who graduated from the ENSACF with high honors. He joined the team after two years working alongside Clément Blanchet.

Vittorio Golia DEA Architect

Vittorio is italian. He studied at SUN of Aversa. He worked in Italy and after in Paris with Clément Blanchet Architecture before joining Lina Ghotmeh — A.

Konstanty Kosma Mikołajczak DEA Architect

Konstanty is from Poland. He graduated from Art School in Poznan and Poznan University of Technology. Before joining Lina Ghotmeh — Architecture he worked in Neostudio Architekci and Lab 3 Architekci as well as collaborated with 7International Beijing and Piotr Bukowy Architekci.

Stephanie Ganahl

Stephanie is Austrian. After graduating from the school of arts Liechtenstein, she decided to study architecture at the University of Liechtenstein. Before joining the team of Lina Ghotmeh — A, she has worked for Baumschlager Eberle Architects in Lustenau.

Donald Au

Donald is Hongkongese, he graduated from The University of Hong Kong with a bachelor’s degree in architecture. He was previously research assistant at HKU.

Léa Markatsch

Léa is French and German. She studied at the École Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture from Saint-Etienne and at the Fakultät für Architektur of Cologne. She has worked in the past for Döring Dahmen Joeressen Architekten and DIIIP Architektur before joining LG — A.


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Lebanese Architect Award 2017 In Presence of The UIA, Lina Ghotmeh was prized the 'all Categories Award' for The Lebanese Architect Award for her co-design of the Estonian National Museum
First Prize winner : "The Rise : Renault motorshow stand 2018-2021” International competition - France
First Prize winner of the renovation and interior design of the restaurant of Palais de Tokyo, Paris International competition - France
Second Prize for "The connected house - automobile Renault" International competition - France
Finalist of “Architizer A + Awards” for “Light is Time” Architizer Magazine - NYC, USA
Third Prize for “Naples Sciences Center” International competition – Naples, Italy
IF Design Award for “Frozen Time” IF Design – Hannover, Germany
Award "Best entertaining" + "Best sound" for “Light is Time” Milan Design Award - Milan, Italy
Gold Award : "Bolzano building – zero pollution” OPH - Bolzano, Italy
Prize : “Hokusai exhibition in Grand Palais” International competition - Paris, France
Gold Award : “Light is Time” Design Space Association - Tokyo, Japan
German Design Award for “Frozen Time” German Design Council - Germany
Gold Award : “Frozen Time” Design Space Association - Tokyo, Japan
Award “Architizer A + Awards” for “The Bump” Architizer - NYC, USA
Second Prize for “Vigorelli velodrom stadim” International competition – Milano, Italty
Gold Award : “Red Dot Award” for “The Bump” Red Dot - Essen, Germany
Second Prize for “Arthur Rimbaud Museum” Competition - Charleville-Mézières, France
Finalist for “ The new national stadium of Japan” International competition - Tokyo, Japon
Nominated : “Rolex Mentor and Protégé Arts initiative award” Rolex Award - Switzerland
First Prize winners : “Renault motorshow stand 2012-2015” International competition - France
Special Prize Winter for "Luce Tempo Luogo" Ecole Spéciale d'Architecture - Paris, France
Nominated : “The ian Chernikhov prize” Architecture Prize for architects under 40 - Russia
Selected : "10 for 2010’‘Visionary architects for a new decade" European Architects review
Honorable mention and finalists for "House of Arts and Culture" International competition - Beirut, Lebanon
Finalist for “Stow villa” International competition - Beirut, Lebanon
Award “Rassegna Lombarda di architettura under 40” Award from the Architects Association - Milan, Italy
Award “Nouveaux albums des jeunes architectes” Architecture award from the french ministery of culture -Paris, France
Second Prize for “Transformation of open-air stage in Mezapark” international competition - Riga, Latvia
Selected : ‘The 20 essential young architects’ Icon magazine - London, UK
First Prize winners : “the new Estonian National Museum” International competition - Tartu, Estonia
Finalist for “The new Silk Road” International competition - Xi'an, China
Areen Prize Architecture Prize, American University of Beirut - Beirut, Lebanon
Azar Prize American University of Beirut - Beirut, Lebanon
Silencio Club Lina Ghotmeh in a discussion with Line Herbert-Arnaud in the context of the "Parole d'Artistes" lecture series — Paris, France
Bartlett School of Architecture Lina Ghotmeh lecturing at the UCL Bartlett School of Architecture on "The Nature of Architecture" — London, United Kingdom
ESNA Nantes Lecture on "The Archrology of the Future" — Nantes, France
9 x Beirut Design Week Lina Ghotmeh lectures on the theme "Design & Nostalgia" — Beirut, Lebanon
Ultzama Meetings Lina Ghotmeh invted to lecture at the "Fundacion Arquitectura y Sociedad on "Humanizing Cities" — Pamplona, Spain
ARCHITECT@WORK Lina Ghotmeh invited to lecture on "The Nature of Architecture" — Marseille, France
Royal College of Art Lecture "The Nature of Architecture" at the Royal College of Arts - Lina Ghotmeh  — London, United Kingdom
International Architecture Congress "Reflecting time, the architecture of the future" Lecture at Glasstec Trade Fair - Lina Ghotmeh — Düsseldorf, Germany
Arenaire "Architecture and Law : at a crossroad" Lecture — Paris, France
ARCHITECT@WORK “The nature of the future: architecture of the environment” Lecture — Paris, France
Venice Architecture Biennale Lina Ghotmeh participates in 2 talks at RIBA — Venice, Italy
EUROPA Talks at RIBA Lina Ghotmeh at "EUROPA Talks" RIBA, with LAN, 51N4E, Gijs Van Vaerenbergh  — London, UK
MIPIM "Reinvent Cities" Lecture - Lina Ghotmeh — Cannes, France
HORIZONS at the Aalto University "Tracing Stories Towards the year Open Architecture" lecture for the 125th anniversary of the Finsish Architects Association with Liam Young & Achim Menguez  — Espoo, Finland
Salon d'Immobilier et d'Entreprise (SIMI) "Circular economy - Levers of Value ?" Lecture — Paris, France
Leicester School of Architecture Opening Lecture by Lina Ghotmeh — Leicester, UK
Swedish Academy of Fine Arts Lina Ghotmeh - Works — Stockholm, Sweden
Estonian Academy of Arts - Open Lecture Series The Estonian National Museum — Tallinn, Estonia
Usek – Beirut Modern Archeology in Beirut  — Kaslik, Jounieh, Lebanon
Estonian Academy of Arts Open Lecture by Lina Ghotemeh — Tallinn, Estonia
Ak Venise Hors Les Murs Reporting From the Front — Venice, Italy
Latvian Architecture Awards - Open Lectures Looking For Architectural Greatness — Riga, Latvia
Silencio Club - 14th Architecture Biennale Debate with Odile Decq, Lina Ghotmeh and Matthias Armengaud — Paris, France
Musée des Arts Décoratifs La Vigueur Hybride - Debate with Emmanuel Barrois and Emmanuel Boos — Paris, France
Workshop - Installation Passage pas Sage Collaboration with Galerie Christian Berst and Galerie Sator, alongside ESA students — Paris, France
Silencio Club - Architecture Whispers Sophisticated Innovation and Fluid Complexity — Paris, France
Ensapb In Raw Risk and Architecture Workshop — Paris France
Meiji University Architecture of the Place — Tokyo, Japan
Columbia University - GSAPP Workshop - Delaminating Possibilities — Reid Hall, Paris, France
Fundacion Arquitectura y Sociedad Beauty's Time — Plampona, Spain
Workshop - À la Tourette Art + Architecture Workshop Collaboration with Nathalie Junod-Ponsard and Juan Velasquez, alongside ESA — La Tourette, France
Munster School of Architecture Tracing Stories - Digging Architecture — Munster, Germany
Munster School of Architecture Workshop - Inside Out — Munster, Germany
Ecole Spéciale d'Architecture Workshop - Light Under Construction — Paris, France
École Nationale Supérieur d'Architecture de Paris-Malaquais About the HMONP — Paris, France
Politecnico di Milano, Facolta di Architettura Presentation by Lina Ghotmeh — Milan, Italy
Conférences Café Patrimoine et Architecture Current Works — Montpellier, France
Columbia University - NYC Conference Presentation by Lina Ghotmeh — New York, United States
ENADII Mexico The New Talent of Architecture and Interiors — Mexico City, Mexico
Ecole Spéciale d’Architecture Contextual Dimensions — Paris, France
ZHDK Space and Fakery — Zurich, Switzerland
Architektur und Kunst Phenomenal Specificity — Hannover, Germany
École Nationale Supérieure d'Architecture de Paris la Villette Memory Field — Paris, France
Pecha-Kucha Memory Field / Line of Voices — Riga, Latvia
Royal Academy of Arts Citizens and Kings: Power in the City — London, United Kingdom
The Danish Architectural Union Phenomenal Specificity — Conpenhagen, Denmark
Pecha-Kucha Memory Field / Line of Voices — Riga, Latvia
Rocks East Woodland Workshop - Studio in the Woods — Ashwicke, UK
American University of Beirut Memory Field and a Momentum for Further Projects — Beirut, Lebanon
The Estonian National Museum - Museum House Presentation of the Estonian National Museum Project — Tartu, Estonia
Politecnico Di Milano, Facolta di Architettura Presentation of the Estonian National Museum Project — Milan, Italy
The Estonian National Museum - Memory Field Presentation of the Estonian National Museum Project — Tartu, Estonia
Future en Seine The City of Tomorrow: The Smart City — Paris, France
Stone Garden Port Party  — Beirut, Lebanon