2018 — 2021 Kefraya, Lebanon

"Lining Kefraya" Hotel

Located on one of the largest vineyards spreading along the Bekaa Valley, the architecture of this project is the expression of the earth from which it emerges. It is the materialisation of the story of this land, built in time and by time, cultivated by the hands of a mythic man, Michel De Boustros, who at the peak of the Lebanese war, continued to grow an exceptional vineyard. Developed as an act of resilience during the unsettling years of this country, Kefraya is considered today as one of the largest territories dedicated to wine production. It is set on the deepest geological fault of the region and enjoys, due to that, a very rich « terroir ». Canaanites Archeological remains are also found to witness of the long history of this estate. 

Set in this rich context, we have designed this project as a vertical « Land work ». It emerges slowly from earth and dialogues with the territory on which it is built. Earthly-like accumulations structure its shape: A series to porticoes intertwine with large panes of glass that bear the reflection of the beautiful landscape surrounding this temporary dwelling. The building plays both on monumentality and on evanescence. Its dimensions, prolonged length, sets it out as a landmark with this territory while its reflecting skin extends the vineyards onto the edifice’s body and in the heart of its spaces.
From within, the restaurant, the reception spaces, the wine cellar, the dwellings, rooms appear as « excavations » within this intervention. The act of excavating bares the memory of this territory, as the interior draws a parallel to the troglodyte structures: archaeological remains existing on site. The vineyards are pictured in large frames. Moving along the building’s length, visitors are invited to delve into the intensity of wine. From golden like reflections into Red velvet like interiors, the journey of the dweller bares the pure immersion into the textures, the color, and the dazzle of the wine experience.  

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Project information

Kefraya, Lebanon
2018 — 2021
3400 m²
Commission type
Kefraya Wines
Vineyard of Kefraya Estate

Project team

Lina Ghotmeh — Architecture